Wednesday, March 2, 2016

3 Year Anniversary

Three years! It's been such an amazing experience and we are so happy you have all helped us make it here today! From our humble beginnings printing on a blank Hanes tee to the completely custom Fierce and Apex Leggings of today! We are so grateful knowing our hard work, creativity and determination was appreciated. All the sleepless nights, early mornings and endless cups of coffee have helped pave the way to where we are today and we wanted to express our thanks and pass along a HUGE 30% savings to you all!
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Friday, February 26, 2016

One Athlete's Awakening: Chris Marchant / @Fit_Coastie

I am Chris Marchant 25 years old and Medically Retired United States Coast Guard (2009-2015). I'm fitness/ lifestyle apparel company Violate the Dress Code's newest athlete. About 4 years ago I started working out, not expecting anything out of it just wanted a healthier more fit lifestyle. I was married and had a 1 year old son. About a year into my marriage I found out my wife was having an affair and she took my son and left me. I was really depressed and turned to Alcohol and partying for months but then I decided to turn my life more towards fitness so I stopped drinking and going out and got hooked on weight training.  
About a year after that happened while I was stationed in Baltimore MD. I was in a severe motorcycle accident that almost ended my life (June 27th 2013) After 3 weeks in shock trauma and 9 reconstructive surgeries, I walked out of the hospital with pins sticking out of my hand and wrist, along with a 2 herniated and 4 bulged discs in my lower back and no feeling in half of my right foot and no feeling in my left hand and nerve damage in my entire left leg. I left the hospital with thoughts that I'd never use my hand again, I'd never walk normal again, I'd never be who I was...I took that negative news and became even more adamant about fitness. 
When the pins were removed I slowly started pushing myself to the extreme limits and training harder than ever. A friend, who is well known throughout the industry introduced me to the owners of Versa Gripps, with the grips I could lift as much weight as I possibly could with my bad hand. Instantly due to my story the Parkers (owners of Versa Gripps) had me join their team because I was a true testament of how well the Gripps helped. I went from 175 lbs to about 240 lbs over the next 2 years and I found myself helping others that had injuries that "prevented them from working out." 
I didn't just have a pity party for myself now that I was disabled. I never had the thoughts " I can't do that" I motivated myself by thinking " how can I do this" and I got it done!  I had about 500-1000 followers on instagram and with a year of traveling around the country, talking to people, making connections and friends I was up to over 10k followers then, now over 15k. I found that social media was the way that could connect  with people that I could inspire. Those people I would have probably never met otherwise. 
As time passed. I decided that I wanted to try and compete in a NPC Physique show. I dieted for 8 weeks and took to the stage for the first time. I placed 9th out of 30 plus competitors in my class and was happy with that knowing that a year prior I didn't think lifting a single weight would be possible. After that show I was traveling to Pittsburg PA for the Pittsburg Pro to support a few IFBB Pro friends that were competing. None of them could afford to drive there so I drove them all and halfway through the trip, one IFBB PRO couldn't even make a phone call because he couldn't even afford his phone bill. 
That's where it hit me, I realized that there was more to fitness than just competing to get what, four letters (IFBB) on my instagram account.  That wasn't for me. I knew there was more in this industry. I wanted to continue what I was doing, not what everyone else was doing. I love to inspire, motivate, and help people who actually need it. I began getting noticed by companies such as, RSP Nutrition and along with previously mentioned Versa Gripps and now fitness apparel company Violate the Dress Code. They gave me opportunities not because I want a pro card, but because they saw how I impacted people and represented myself, along with how I would represent them. I love my life to help others. Whether it's just motivating through social media, talking to people and helping them through rough times, training people online, or in the gym. I have a severe desire to lift others up and encourage them to overcome whatever it is they may think limits them. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Scientific proof that being lean isn't all it's cracked up to be... least if you're in the UFC or MMA world!
If you have ever needed a legitimate excuse to eat pizza and wash it down with ice cream, this video is all the evidence you'll need!  Life can be tough, be tougher, but how's this for a show of  toughness?

It seems the fat or "body armor" makes for a great defense. Watch the above video as UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon tests it out. Don't try this at home!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Sponsorships 101

A helpful list of do's and don'ts and some tips for securing a sponsorship. The social media boom has changed everything in recent years. One thing that will NEVER change is a company needing to make a profit. Athletes need to realize they are basically an expense to our balance sheet. Being in the fitness industry for just under a decade and running Violate the Dress Code for almost three years, I've witnessed so many success stories and miscalculations regarding people acquiring sponsorships. I feel obligated to do my part to help people obtain and reach their goals, as well as see things from the business perspective (which is overlooked by many I believe). Here is a little insight...

  1. Is following important? Yes, but it is NOT the end all. Here is a simple analogy I always use. Think of a person's following as a TV program's viewership. Would you rather pay $500 to have your ad air during "Watch Paint Dry" on ESPN8 at 4:30am or pay $500 to have it air during the Superbowl? Of course a business wants their product being seen by a large percent of their demographic.
  2. When contacting a business, do not send an email as if you are texting a friend. Make sure to include contact information as well as your social media accounts. We have received emails stating that @violatethedresscode "liked" their photo on Instagram and we should therefore sponsor them. In one of the recent emails the corespondent did not even include their Instagram account name. Include information such as your FaceBook profile link, Instagram name and what you are interested in as well as how you can help be part of said companies extended family.
  3.  Have something to offer the company. This can be a HUGE benefit to those with a small following! Content is KING! This past June we took an athlete with just about 1,200 followers. Why you ask? She wrote a very professional email and also made sure to state she does many photo shoots and can get us high quality content for our various social media outlets as well as website. Since June, said athlete has increased their following 10 fold and is now at over 22,000 followers.
  4.  Social media platforms are the forms of advertising! You must make a ROI (return on investment) to keep a successful business relationship. Meaning, if you expect payment you had better make the company a profit. If they give you free apparel or supplements you need to make them more back in sales than simply the cost of your free gear. Otherwise the business is at a loss. It's simple accounting.
  5.  Look the part! If you are emailing Prime Nutrition, stating you should be the face of their "fatburner" supplement, your social media accounts had better not be filled with 90% posts from Five Guys burgers.
  6.  Love the product! How can you promote something you don't truly love? If you ask to be part of Violate the Dress Code, we would assume you like the edgy and aggressive fitness/ lifestyle apparel that we sell. You can do a much better job promoting if you look forward to wearing our Queen of the Abyss leggings instead of being a timid person without the confidence to pull off the look.  
  7.  Do you need to compete? Nope. It really comes down to engagement and following. We would prefer to send out hundreds of dollars of clothing and money to a person that passionately likes, wears and promotes our gear over Ms. America, with a quarter of a million followers, who is reluctant to post.
  8. Spam is not necessary or needed! Do not think you need to post daily for your following to buy "Product X". Our athlete with the greatest sales numbers  does not post bugging or annoying people for sales. She posts consistently wearing our gear so it can be seen. She will tag us into the photo and @violatethedresscode at the end of her caption, but that's it. The posts are much more natural and organic. 
  9. Loyalty is important. Would you want to purchase a product from an athlete who posts new brands each week? Obviously not. Loyalty shows your followers that you not only love but believe in the product. 
  10. The all important question "CAN I MAKE $$$?"  Yes, but like anything else in life it requires work. There are people making 7 figures (YES, 7 FIGURES A YEAR) but they blog, make videos, schedule photo shoots all for the sake of posting religiously on social media and getting name recognition. It's a job at that level. At this point you will not have to seek out companies, as they will seek you out! 
Good luck in achieveing your goals. If you end up with too much product feel free to send some my way!
Life is tough, Be tougher!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Striving for Greatness!

Since our creation, Violate the Dress Code has strived to produce some of the most high quality, hand made, Men's and Women's American apparel on the market. We pride ourselves in consistently pursuing better material options and more creative designs to keep our customers looking FRESH!

In our quest of apparel-greatness we have decided to release our newest line. Our Signature Series! It truly embodies Quality and creativity! The Signature Series has a much softer feel compared to our prior apparel. We have dyed the design into the fabric. The color is as bright and vibrant as our previous creations without any thick ink.

We couldnt be more excited to release this line! It is the epitome of the quality that we as a company aspire to. We look forward to continuing to find further ways of producing higher quality products for you! As always thank you for your unending support of our vision!

Visit us today!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Leggings / Yoga Pants Ban!?!

America is facing a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions if Montana Legislator Rep. David Moore has his way!

David Moore is apparently so disgusted by these natural things called "human bodies" that he has written a bill that will ban them from public. His bill would outlaw "any device, costume, or covering that gives the appearance of or simulates the genitals, pubic hair, anus region, or pubic hair region." That means you, Violate the Dress Code's leggings!

Moore was quoted in a statement after the hearing."Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway!" He then went on to say that, "Violate the Dress Code's leggings are just far too sexy to be worn out in public." He fears that the attraction will cause nature to take it's course leading to increased procreation. We have to ask, why does Moore HATE babies? We here at Violate love those littly crying, slobbering things!

We must add, he is also attempting to ban the male nipple from being seen in public!
David Moore, this is America, leggings are as American as Apple Pie! Please go take your censorship elsewhere! We will gladly help you pack!

Please do your part as a proud and strong American citizen, go buy our leggings and or booty shorts! Then flood David Moore's email with selfies! It's the American thing to do!

       - Chris Zimmerman
         Violate the Dress Code

Friday, November 14, 2014

Open Your Eyes!

No, Violate the Dress Code hasn't celebrated it's 2nd Birthday just yet, but when we do, all will be invited to the party!  In this short period of time we have learned so much.  We are continuously updating our website. As the newest incarnation of the site launched in mid June, it opened up our world and allowed us to do many things that we were restricted from in the past.

One thing we strive to do is reach out to our fans to see what they like and dislike. It's very hard to please everyone, yet we always try our best!!  As our apparel line expands, it has become more difficult to describe and distinguish the range of fabrics we choose for our items.  Some are form fitting or extremely light weight while others are warm and comfy.  If you're like most of the Violate crew, you are very visual.
With that being said, in order to give our loyal customers a clearer and more sharpened view of an item, Violate is going to start using high definition video to display the fabric from all angles.  We feel video tells the story much better than a photo or reading the description and also allows one to see how the material falls and fits on the model.
This new project kicks off soon with our newest pair of leggings and women's sweat pants.  Violate the Dress Code will be launching the new items for the holiday season. Be sure to keep your eyes open and check out the site, with shopping list in hand, of course!  See all our newest products at
Thank you to everyone for their continued support in making Violate the Dress Code what we are today.  We couldn't have done it without our incredible fans and committed customers.